Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball at Vickrey

SEASON DATES: January 6 thru February 24, 2018


REGISTRATION: Registration opens October 2nd 

Cost: $72 City Resident / $83 Non City Resident
Please make checks to City of Pensacola.

Ages: 5 to 14 All ages play Co-Ed
Date for determining age group is January 1, 2018)

Ages 5 & 6        U6     
Ages 7 & 8        U8
Ages 9 & 10  U10                               
Ages 11 & 12         U12  
Ages 13 & 14 U14

Mandatory Skills Assessment (All ages except U6 & U8)
Monday, Dec. 4th  6:00 pm U10
Tuesday, Dec. 5th  6:00 pm U12, 7:00 pm U14

GAME INFORMATION: Games days may vary on weeknights and weekends.

PRACTICES: Practice times are up to the coaches. Practice will be held once a week at Vickrey Center and teams play a game once a week. The coach’s practice times will be made after the teams have been formed.

COACHES NEEDED: Please consider volunteering your time to be a coach. Our league relies on volunteers to keep kids playing. No experience is necessary.

*For information call Exchange Park at (850) 912-4109 or email Cheryl Fox at

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